Created in 2016

Amoréane began as a lubricant brand that introduced unique ingredients that made it stand out from the rest, turning it into a reference in the sector. Thanks the brand’s success, in 2020, it evolved into Amoreane Intimate Care, bringing you a wide range of cosmetics and products thought up to enhance the pleasures of your intimate moments while taking care of all of your needs and desires. We have designed and produced a variety of lines that will allow you to enjoy from different perspectives and with all of your senses the art of lovemaking.


Lovers now have the chance to make their sex dreams come true with all the values and benefits of top-quality ingredients never seen before in the intimate cosmetics industry.

Amoréane is a brand in constant evolution to keep up with your dreams and allowing us to surprise you every time.


When you feel good you enjoy yourself better

Amoréane Intimate Care not only produces cosmetics for enjoyment, but also sanitary lubricants which are indicated for women that present a decrease or absence of physiological lubrication.

What is the difference between personal and medical lubricants?

The primary difference between personal and medical lubricants is that medical lubricants are used for therapeutic purposes, such as described before, for example, vaginal dryness. They are commonly thicker, sterile gels, typically containing a bacteriostatic agent.

We work with high quality ingredients

Our ingredients coming from innovative high end cosmetic laboratories. Our ingredients offer many benefits and advantages to your skin.


The mission of Amoréane Intimate Care is to revolutionize the sector by creating cosmetics with innovative ingredients ensuring the highest quality.

In Amoréane, it’s our goal to allow everyone to enjoy their intimate moments equally. For this reason we make our best efforts to design and produce great products to fit all tastes in any situation, helping lovers enjoy the art of lovemaking.




All of our products are not

tested on animals.



Our water-based

lubricants are paraben free,

non-oily (easy to clean)

and compatible with all

of your sextoys

and condoms.



All of our packagings

are recyclable.



Easy to use containers with

handy dispensers.


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