Intimate Cosmetics


Phytoplankton Extract is an ingredient that comes out from processed living organisms present in the oceans and seas that helps recover your skin, contributing on repairing the natural barrier and enhancing its elasticity. Phytoplankton is the first and main responsible for the oxygen in earth’s atmosphere.


These tiny organisms have survived millions of years protecting themselves against external adversities by developing survival strategies based on creating antioxidant and high protective components that create a natural barrier against external agents. Phytoplankton extract offers the following benefits:

  • Moisturizing, resembling body’s natural moisturizing
  • Antioxidant, rejuvenates and regenerates skin
  • Anti-inflammatory, avoiding irritation and stinging
  • Recommended use in all types of skins; atopic or very dry and scaled

Phytoplankton extract is an ingredient that is being heavily introduced in the sector of feminine and masculine beauty and cosmetics as a revolutionary product for its qualities and benefits for the skin. Brands suchas MER, MAC, Biotherm, Le Mieux, DALTON COSMETICS, THALGO, etc … have taken a very strong commitment with this resource. Amoréane is the first product of intimate cosmetics to include marine phytoplankton extract in its composition, so that is positioned as a reference in quality and qualities within the sector.